Looking for logistics icons you can use for infographics and other stuff you use to promote your business? Then I have twenty four really minimalistic and nice icons made ready for you.

You will have them in transperant PNG both in white and black. Why? The icon will appear as a fine either white or black lineart on top of your own design. They are extracted. And they do not have any text on them.

You will find icons for: truck, car, airplane, helicopter, jerry can, ship, airship, bus, train, container, gas, stock/warehouse, costs, road, dirt road, village, city, goal, harbour, accommodation, motorcycle, bike, route and speed.

You will not find copyrigted logo for facebook, linkedin, pinterest here. They are just a selection of social media platforms. My icon set is build for you to tell about the interactions and what is going on.

SoMe icons in 4 sizes:

  • 220×160 (web) filename extension: … @1x
  • 440×320 (web) filename extension: … @2x
  • 880×640 (presentations) filename extension: … @4x
  • 1760×1280 (fine for print) filename extension: … @8x

Logistics icons as white lineart on black

(overview sheet)

Logistics icons as black lineart on white

(overview sheet)

logistics iconsExample on usage:


You will have it for free.

But if you feel for supporting the design work I do, I’ll appreciate any pennies from heaven 🙂

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Download the full logistics icon pack here:

Download free logistics icon pack here